creating & implementing project management software solutions for enterprise clients

The Foresee Difference

Enhancing efficiency of operations by controlling costs, providing collaboration and fostering innovation through customized solutions.

Our Approach

Our Approach

We configure and implement new systems with the best software solution and ensure seamless integration with strategy, business processes, performance and financial objectives.

Our Expertise

Our Expertise

Our team consists of experts who understand client-specific processes and have extensive experience implementing PMIS solutions across many industries.

Our Objective

Our Objective

Foresee enables our clients to collaborate across a software platform which empowers the team to access real-time, objective and accurate information for efficient project execution.

Our Clients

Nextera Energy
Metropolitan Washington Airport Authority
Consumers Energy
Nebraska State
Seminole Gaming
McGill University
MGM Mirage

“As the Budget & Audit Director for the Construction Manager, Mark Bodner was known for maintaining reliability of the information system in a constantly moving and complicated budget environment. His contributions to the entire CityCenter project team, helped deliver a successful development of a world-class Mega-Project.”

— John Cunningham, Sr. Vice President – MGM-Mirage


"Project control systems are essential in defining expectations and measuring progress. Mark Bodner knows how to make these processes and systems work.”

— Bill Moss, Sr. Vice President Construction, Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games, 1996 Centennial Olympics

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