Our Industries

Decades of Experience Across Diverse Industries

Foresee’s consultants have applied their decades of knowledge and experience to provide project management insight for more than a hundred clients throughout more than a dozen industries. With our clients’ best interests in mind, we have performed every capital project management consulting service imaginable—from evaluating their current business practices to developing requirements for new project management solutions to recommending improvements to their existing systems.

Industry Energy

Energy + Utilities

Few industries are as crucial to everyday life and the economy as energy and utilities which deliver critical services to our communities. As forces of change in this sector accelerate, companies are tapping into new technologies to serve increasingly sophisticated customers and improve their operational efficiencies.

Industry Construction

Engineering + Construction

Technology is changing every industry today, but few are seeing the depth of change that the Engineering and Construction sectors are. From large-scale mega projects to the construction of a tunnel, bridge or other civil engineering operation, technology is having a significant impact on the way projects are managed.

Industry Public Sector

Public Sector

The digital era today has changed the way government entities conduct their business, encouraging improved oversight on funding and project efficiencies. Foresee provides government clients with innovative services and solutions designed to increase capital program effectiveness.

Industry Hospitality

Hospitality + Development

A strong economy, rising global consumer purchasing power, and digital innovation have all fueled record growth in the hospitality and development industry. That growth has provided ample space for new projects and Foresee is uniquely positioned to empower developers and owners with the technology and tools they need to efficiently manage their projects from the onset.

Industry Manufacturing

Retail + Manufacturing

The competitive global marketplace has introduced new opportunities and challenges for retail and manufacturing companies, requiring greater levels of efficiency to meet industry demands and customer needs. Foresee’s expertise in process improvement and inventory management systems will empower companies to increase productivity and improve customer satisfaction.

Transport + Infrastructure

Transport + Infrastructure

The world is growing increasingly connected and transportation infrastructure provides the foundation and framework to support that connectivity. Through facilitating the supply of goods and services globally, this industry becomes a driver in economic development across the world. In order to meet global demands, this industry relies on technology and systems to deliver successful projects and support growing economies.

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