We are proud to partner with world-class technology organizations to bring premier solutions to our customers. Foresee Consulting partners
are ready to help you achieve technology integrations and increase enterprise management efficiencies across projects and the asset
management lifecycle.

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4C Innovations software solutions seamlessly integrate with existing data repositories to proactively monitor and achieve performance and financial objectives. Foresee Consulting is a licensed distributor of 4C Innovations software products to provide users with maximum value for their solutions and ensure they are consistently aligned with legacy software or new customized solutions.

4C Innovations intuitive solutions with easy to use interfaces generates analytics and forecasts, automates management and standardizes business practices across an organization. 4C Innovations solutions address common business challenges around forecasting, integration and data migration. Advance your project and program management with high-quality monitoring, forecasting and innovative solutions from 4C Innovations.


Oracle Primavera is a project and facility asset management solution providing planning, scheduling, risk and resource solutions that supply users with predictive performance on projects. With Oracle Primavera, you can integrate strategic project and portfolio solutions to support your entire operations and improve project outcomes.

Many engineering and construction projects lack centralized portfolio and project management, however Oracle Primavera yields consistent collaboration and monitors and plans processes. Additionally, you can synchronize and coordinate your assets’ full lifecycle, effectively manage project schedules, optimize resources and receive real-time actionable insights and intelligence. As an Oracle Platinum Partner, Foresee Consulting works directly with Oracle in the software sale process and provides clients with related implementation services.


Kahua enables organizations to transform ideas into apps with kBuilder and delivers effective solutions to manage every aspect of international projects from multi-currency to multi-language. Kahua offers a single platform to global industry leaders with worldclass solutions to enhance collaboration and facilitate a reliable and scalable workplace.

With a large range of cloud-based solutions for project management and collaboration, Kahuas’ solutions service various sectors including real estate, design, engineering, construction and more. Launching the next generation of solutions, your organization can drive new ways to manage capital assets with technology. As a new partner, Foresee Consulting leverages cutting-edge technology to create services and customized solutions for organizations to increase enterprise management efficiencies across projects and the asset management lifecycle.

KPMG Canada

Foresee Consulting works directly with KPMG Canada, by offering a multi-disciplinary approach to providing deep and practical knowledge implementing technological systems. KPMG and Foresee work collaboratively to introduce new practices, processes, and strategies to enhance our clients large-scale project management operations.

EXP logo

In collaboration with EXP, we leverage our combined project management and technical specialists to expand our customer base. Working with EXP ensures innovative, sustainable, and resilient solutions are leveraged. This partnership provides high performance, reliability, and usability, ensuring effective and efficient project delivery is provided to clients.


Foresee Consulting works directly with Mosaic to integrate our project management and user adoption/training services that enhance our client’s ability to overcome change management challenges. Our partnership with Mosaic allows Foresee to roll-out project management system implementations with user adoption initiatives that ensure successful enterprise-wide utilization of advanced technologies.


In partnership with McKissack, Foresee Consulting offers a unique approach to solutions that foster innovation, collaboration and PMO agility. Utilizing cloud-based software systems we have been able to leverage cutting-edge technologies that simplify end-to-end data sharing that scale upwards for our client’s.


Bechtel is one of the world’s most elite and respected engineering, construction, and project management companies. Through collaboration with Bechtel, Foresee has a team that brings world-class technological systems that enhance client construction and maintenance programs using cutting-edge design, knowledge, and methods that improve project quality, schedule and cost performance.

cba logo

In collaboration with Critical Business Analysis, Foresee Consulting offers a range of tools to aid in the implementation of construction projects. From this partnership, we are able to leverage our combined expertise in the implementation of Oracle’s P6 Primavera and Unifier to help clients in planning, managing, and executing highly sophisticated and multifaced projects.

Innovative Management Solutions

In partnership with Innovative Management Solutions (IMS), Foresee leverages our combined expertise and in-depth knowledge of portfolios and projects. Our team of professionals assess the needs of an organization and create a roadmap to organize and control the flow of project data and information with the implementation of PMIS solutions.

HCSS logo

Foresee Consulting works with HCSS to leverage cutting-edge technologies that aid clients managing the entire project lifecycle. Together, our system implementations gather data and quantity information to accurately produce cost estimates and forecasts. In implementing project management solutions, Foresee and HCSS provides our client’s with the tools necessary to problem solve through software, allowing our clients to effectively meet budget expectations with optimized resources.

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