Oracle Primavera Unifier Training

The best products accomplish nothing if the users do not use them, understand how to use them, or know what their true benefits are.

For us, quality Oracle Primavera Unifier Training is about more than simply going through the motions; it is about self-sufficiency and user adoption. It is about giving clients the confidence that a well-designed project management information system will empower them to do more with less.

Our globally renowned instructors have been training users on Unifier since the software’s inception and possess more Unifier knowledge and experience than any other Oracle Primavera partner.

To find our popular First Friday courses, our new On-Demand training offerings and our well-known Fundamental and Advanced Oracle Primavera Unifier Training workshops, click on the "Register" buttons below. You will find registration information there.

Foresee First Fridays

Fundamentals of Primavera Unifier Administration

Fundamentals of Primavera Unifier uDesigner

Fundamentals of Primavera Unifier Reports & Dashboards

Fundamentals of Primavera Unifier Custom Prints

On Demand: Primavera Unifier - Data Automation (Auto Population & Reverse Auto Population)

On Demand: Primavera Unifier - Auto Creation (S-Step & I-Step)

On Demand: Primavera Unifier - Step & Record Editors

Meet Our Training Director

Karen Siegel Fitting

Karen Siegel Fitting

Winner of multiple teaching awards from Oracle University, Karen Fitting leads our training team, bringing with her twenty years training experience, ten of which focused specifically on Unifier. Using combinations of YouTube videos, live support, Webinars, and in-person sessions, she has taught courses around the globe on everything from system administration to advanced design and configuration.

What Our Students Say

“A big thank you to Karen for sharing her knowledge and for the professional way she did.”

“Karen is an excellent instructor. She is very pleasant and patient, and clearly knows the system.”

“Lovely as always. Her calm manner and unending patience are greatly appreciated. I look forward to additional courses with her.”

“Karen’s knowledge of Unifier and her ability to pass on that knowledge to the course participants is excellent. She is professional and structures the course in a very organized manner.”

“This is not my first time taking a class with Karen. She is very knowledgeable and makes learning fun. She is truly an asset to your company.”

“Karen does a great job, especially encouraging questions.”

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