4C Innovations Releases CURA™ Forecasting 22.0 To Revolutionize Project Management

The newest version of CURA Forecasting provides a solution that is set to transform the way projects and programs are forecasted, supplying project managers with a solution capable of delivering invaluable insights required to effectively utilize resources.

Our partner, 4C Innovations, a world-class project management software provider, presents advanced CURAForecasting 22.0 – a web-based interface to replace legacy spreadsheets and bring advanced forecasting and analytical capabilities with direct integration into a variety of databases from disparate sources.

Empowering Project Managers

CURA Forecasting ensures organizations and project managers can forecast accurately and convert complex variables into actionable insights to maximize resource planning. The expansive capabilities of this latest version of CURA Forecasting ensure quality insights can be drawn across all industries including the construction, utilities, manufacturing, infrastructure, public sector, and development industry.

The software captures a long-range plan for organizations and enables managers to adapt to supply chain issues, unexpected challenges, and unforeseen impacts to ensure projects are completed on time and resources are effectively utilized.

“We are very excited to see how project managers will elevate their operations and resources with immediate visibility of forecasts and the ability to identify and track variances across forecasts,” said Garrett Lyions, Vice President of Business Development at Foresee Consulting.

Unique Standardized Interface

4C Innovations’ CURA Forecasting uses an easy-to-use interface to quickly generate, view, track, and update forecasts, making it seamless to manage and adjust a large number of projects on a weekly, fortnightly and annual basis. CURA™ Forecasting’s standardized interface allows organizations to process and track forecasts more accurately than any other software on the market.

Automation Software Processes

The solution is designed to automate the consolidation of direct and indirect cost data from multiple disparate sources, allowing managers to view an entire portfolio of projects. CURA™ Forecasting helps organizations advance decision-making accuracy by accounting for externalities that impact the project such as weather delays, budget changes, and material availability as data is updated in real-time and can inform managers immediately.

CURA™ Forecasting – Point of Difference

The web-based platform allows project managers to make real-time updates and accurately generate forecasts and track project variances on a centralized intelligent software. These insights empower managers to view an entire portfolio and make accurate, profitable decisions based on the data and insights on CURA™ Forecasting.

Additionally, managers can use CURA™ Forecasting as a base software for multiple projects and programs as information can be accessed remotely, at anytime, anywhere. “Even with effective governance, standard processes, and supporting technologies, organizations struggle to integrate data across multiple sources that generate timely and accurate project forecasts, but this is now achieved with CURA™ Forecasting,” said Mark Bodner, CEO of Foresee Consulting.

As Foresee Consulting is a partner and reseller of 4C Innovations solutions, we provide bespoke integration and training which allows managers to enhance CURA Forecasting, and improve their management capabilities of their assets, resources and projects.

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