Public Sector

Capital programs procedures within Public Sector agencies are spending too much time doing the same manual tasks the way they always have, regardless of impact to efficiency. Therefore, public agencies are beginning to look at technology to automate their business processes. But leveraging technology without first understanding the current state project processes simply serves to automate the previous inefficient and cost intensive environments. The time has come for a different approach.

Foresee Consulting assists the Public Sector with services and solutions that proactively manage the complete capital projects life-cycle. By focusing on aligning a project controls strategy, business process performance and financial objectives with the right technology, Foresee delivers a complete technology framework for improving capital projects efficiencies.

Foresee offers capital project and program management consulting services to assist Public agencies in the following areas:

  • Business Assessment
  • Current State and Future state Business Process Analysis
  • Program Management Software Implementation
  • Systems Solution Architecture / Design
  • Enterprise Integration / Data Migration
  • Business Intelligence / Analytics / Reporting
  • Organizational Change Management
  • Training / Support

Public Sector Clients

NY State DOT
NY State Thruway
Metropolitan Washington Airport Authority
Phoenix Sky Harbor
Salt Lake City Airport
Nebraska State
City of Bridgeport
North West Redwater Partnership
Purdue University
McGill University

Client Use Case: Public Sector

Business Challenges

As a State Agency with multiple departments spanning Construction, Facilities, Fleet management, Surplus and State Budgeting, the Department was faced many project management challenges. There were major process inefficiencies trying to effectively manage multiple disparate and manual systems. Coupled with old procedures and aging workforce, the primary objectives of the Agency were to change the way projects are executed, tracked and reported. In parallel, the CIO was in the process of moving the State infrastructure to a cloud-based ERP system. The problem that become evident was the functional departments were left with no real solutions to their project and facility controls. The ERP system was only effective as an IT infrastructure solution that would not address the functional requirements at the user level. Foresee was brought in to assess the of the current environment and provide a solution that would improve the entire project and facility operating environment.

Solution Approach

In order to address the issues faced by the present DAS operating environment, Foresee was engaged to leverage an onsite assessment phase. The goal was to define the current state of the departments and recommend a solution and strategy to enable collaboration, process improvement, and cost reporting. Foresee facilitated the review of the entire State ecosystem. The eventual process management solution would replace four different disparate systems. The solution that was deployed included all steps in the project and facility management life cycle with a focus on value and return-on-investment. By building strong relationships with the different business units, Foresee was able to identify potential risks and process improvement areas that would change the way the State works in the future


The major objective was not to solve the challenges with one-off point-solutions that neglected the current business environment. Leveraging the DAS senior level initiatives for performance improvement and process efficiencies, Foresee deployed a strategy to phase-in change and promote overall user adoption. The implementation plan was deigned to prioritize immediate agency processes that would have rapid and measurable return. The phased implementation approach was the most effective way to approach an implementation with diverse workforce and manual processes. Foresee conducted collaborative workshops with the State and designed the solution as a team. By first assessing current environment and then apply technology, Foresee was able to reduce capital project cycle times and implement a controlled, streamline system with a substantial ROI in the millions of dollars.

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